Our Faves


Western Cultured

Quality is more than a label on a package. To them, quality is what keeps them up day and night, continually innovating, evolving and trail blazing to deliver the finest cannabis experience. They research, partner with top notch thinkers, run a state-of-the-art facility, and listen to their customers and consumers every day.


Oh McDonald

These peeps specialize in growing some of the best sun-ripened buds around town.  Straight From Washington’s Own Whatcom County, they specialize In their signature strain “Nuken”, Oh McDonald provides amazing flower at a very affordable price!


Botanica Seattle

Botanica Seattle is a small, fast-growing company focused on making exceptional natural and handmade cannabis edibles and topicals here in the state of Washington. They work with the best ingredients available, establish the strictest quality standards in this new industry and are committed to changing how people think about cannabis.


Dawg Star Cannabis

Working with local patients, growers and dispensary owners, Dawg Star Cannabis established the C.C.S.E. to help bring about change within the cannabis community.  They have helped develop the collective garden model and worked with legislators to create and implement I502, Washington’s recreational marijuana law. Their Cannabis brand is held to the highest standard, using the most efficient and thorough methods of growing.


Dope Premium Brands

Dope Premium Brands are dedicated to locating, partnering with and bringing to market consistent products from the finest producers and processors of cannabis in each legal/medical state. Dope is definitely one of our favorites, so make sure to check them out!


Cascadia Gardens

Cascadia Gardens produces superior cannabis and infused products that help #supplyyourhigh. Seeing as how Cascadia is one of the most breathtaking and powerful regions of the world, they set out to bring that level of quality to our consumers.


Ethos Innovates

At Ethos, they stand behind the belief that “there is more to this plant.”  Ethos strives to offer innovative, accurate and safe methods for getting the most out of our cannabis, always pushing their own understanding of it’s potential.


Mirth Provisions

Mirth Provisions are famous for their super awesome Legal soda. Does it taste delicious? Yes my dear, it does! Their sodas come in THC and CBD versions, as well as different potencies. They are also responsible for making Drift Sublingual which is an amazing spray to get you surfing with Jesus Cristo!


Seattle Green Buds

Seattle Green Buds is dedicated to making the highest quality cannabis products using only natural ingredients and practices. Their flower has the flavor and terpenes of their unique hand-chosen strains, and of course the potency that you expect!



With zen-like practices imparted from their expert growers to their production crews emphasize a calm approach – one attuned to the natural aspects of growing plants, Artizen growing facilities are well-staffed and take their time. Quality is always their number one priority.