Cannabis: What To Expect in 2017?

The cannabis world is going crazy right now with the fast-spreading of legalization in the United States. There are currently 26 states with some sort of marijuana regulation, whether it be medical or recreational, and that number is expected to grow. In this post we discuss what is expected in the cannabis world for 2017.

In Delaware, state officials will discuss the legalization of recreational cannabis early this year.  61 percent of students in the University of Delaware were surveyed and they are for the legalization of recreational cannabis in the state. Senator Margaret Rose Henry, the person responsible for making this happen will also be responsible for drafting the bills that would take place in the state. Rhode Island will work towards fully legalizing marijuana for adults and in New Jersey, despite Governor Christie’s opposition, lawmakers are ready to introduce the idea of legalizing cannabis in the state. Texas, Kentucky, New Mexico, Vermont, and Missouri will also take action towards legalization. So, does this mean that we will see a federal-level of legalization soon? It is too early to make any assumptions, but 2017 will definitely be a decisive year towards the federal regulation and legalization of the plant we love the most.

This year is also the year of research. The “2017 National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics” will take place in Berkeley, California, where faculty from around the world and across the US will present on their state-of-the-art scientific and medical research findings and clinical experiences, as well as cutting-edge legal strategies and organizing tactics. Cannabis 2017 Cultivation Conference will also take place in March of this year in Oakland, California, where industry professionals will go and speak on their experience cultivating cannabis.

We can agree that 2017 is huge for cannabis, more so than 2016 was. It’s hard to say what the future of cannabis will be, but from what we can see as 2016 came to an epic close and 2017 began, this future will be very bright if we all contribute by voting in our local polls.

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